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Art After Dark

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Stacy Carroll is an avid rock climber, dedicated mother, full-time Chemistry Technician, and an enthusiastic creative. Stacy has been drawn to artistic creation for as long as she can remember.  Though her forays into the arts have varied widely across media, her passion and dedication to the craft have remained consistent. From origami and oil pastels, to jewelry making and resin flow art, Stacy pours her heart into her creations. 


As a dedicated mother and full-time Chemistry Technician at a nuclear power plant, Stacy has little time during the daylight hours to practice her craft and unleash her creative passion. When the daylight fades, her full focus and energy shifts to creation.

Art After Dark.

stacy on a hike

Resin Coasters

blue silver ring coaster

Decorative Pieces

2 piece geode on couch


blue silver bracelet